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about Daily Schedule

The daily schedule is designed to get students talking and practicing what they have learned throughout the day. Mornings are divided into three sessions with breaks to socialize. Afternoons are devoted to activities where the goal is to improve speaking, listening and pronunciation skills.

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The goal of the Spanish classes at Habla Hispana is to enable students to communicate effectively. Emphasis is placed on verbal interaction in the classroom, and class placement is based more on verbal fluency than on academic knowledge.

Spanish classes at Instituto Habla Hispana are designed as four week sessions and divided into three levels - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Check out below Grammar Curriculum to get a rough idea of what level you are interested in.

Beginner Level

   Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

 Week 1


Orientation and Introduction

 To Be

To Be

To like + infinitive

Conjugation of regular verbs 1

 Week 2

Conjugation of irregular verbs 1

Conjugation of regular verbs 2

Conjugation of irregular verbs 2

Special uses of to have, to want and to be able

Intransitve verbs

Week 3

Conjugation of regular verbs 3

Conjugation of irregular verbs 3

 Direct object

Indirect object with verbs and object pronouns

 Intransitive verbs

 Week 4

Reflexive verbs

Pronoun review

Verbal phrases in present and conditional

Present progressive (gerund)

Final practice

Intermediate Level/Nivel Intermedio


 Week 1


Orientation and Introduction

Past tense of irregular verbs

Past tense of irregular verbs by dipthong and orthography

Past tense of the roots of irregular verbs

Imperfect tense

 Week 2

I was going to/but and review of intransitive verbs

Past tense and imperfect tense on simultaneous actions

Imperfect tense gerunds

Ago, since, and until

Accidental pronouns and review of verbs that require indirect objects

Week 3

Present perfect of regular and irregular verbs

Modification of adjectives

 Past perfect

Review of the 4 past tenses

Imperative of regular and irregular verbs

 Week 4

Future of regular verbs

Future of irregular verbs

General review/Repaso general

Introduction of the subjunctive

Oral practice

Advanced Level/Nivel Avanzado


 Week 1


Orientation and Introduction

Brief review of the indicative

Passive voice

Review of all pronouns

Conjectures and review of the indicative mode

 Week 2

Introduction to subjunctive/Introducción al subjuntivo

Present subjunctive

Past subjunctive

Preliminary subjunctive

Conditional phrases

Week 3

Present perfect of subjunctive

Expressions that require subjunctive

 Subjunctive with unknown antecedents

Subjunctive with opinion verbs

Conjunctions with subjunctive

 Week 4

General review of subjunctive

More conjunctions with subjunctives

By and for

Conjunctions and links

General practice/Práctica general

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Learn Spanish in a friendly and personalized environment at Habla Hispana Spanish Language School in San Miguel de Allende, colonial gem of Mexico.
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