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The goal of the Spanish classes at Habla Hispana is to enable students to communicate effectively. Emphasis is placed on verbal interaction in the classroom, and class placement is based more on verbal fluency than on academic knowledge.

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Learn Spanish in a friendly and personalized environment at Habla Hispana Spanish Language School in San Miguel de Allende, colonial gem of Mexico.
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student's comments

"Learning Spanish here is interesting and fun, and that is how learning should be!"

"It is the best Spanish school in San Miguel. I heard that also from other people during my stay. The Spanish teachers are flexible, very experienced and lovable. It feels like a family."

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Daily Schedule

The daily schedule is designed to get students talking and practicing what they have learned throughout the day. Afternoons are devoted to activities where the goal is to improve Spanish speaking, listening and pronunciation skills through practice.



Academic Calendar 2022 - 2024

The Academic Calendar runs year round and is divided into twelve four week long terms. The curriculum is designed for the four week terms, but Instituto Habla Hispana will accept students anytime throughout the term is space is available.

Minimum enrollment is usually one week, any exceptions are stated on the following calendar:

 Start Date (Monday)
 End Date (Friday)
 Only private lessons/ Break


Session 1
January 2
January 27
Session 2
January 30
February 24
Session 3
February 27
March 24
Session 4
March 27
April 21
Session 5
April 24
May 19
Session 6
May 22
June 16
Session 7
June 19
July 14
Session 8
July 17
August 11
Session 9
August 14
September 8
Session 10
September 11
October 6
Session 11
October 9
November 3
Session 12
November 6
December 1
Session 13
December 4
December 29


Session 1
January 8
February 2
Session 2
February 5
March 1
Session 3
March 4
March 29
Session 4
April 1
April 26

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