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"... whit great surprise I found myself understing up to 75% of conversation on the 3rd week of intsructions... I recommend Habla Hispana to everyone who wants to improve conversational skills ..."

"I have attended 3 different Spanish language schools on past 6 months, and recommend Habla Hispana as being the best by far. Teachers are all very experienced professionals who know their material, how to present it, and how to make their classes fun and interesting."

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Spanish study just too much of a good thing

By Steve Blow, Published 08-01-1999

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, Mexico - I once volunteered for a rib-eating contest because I love ribs so much.
Or at least I had till then.
Well, that experience in wretch ed excess came back as I began a week of intensive Spanish study in Mexico.
I love Spanish. But in that first day of class, my head felt like my stomach after the ribs contest - ready to burst.
We plunged right in to object pronouns: me, te, lo, la, nos, los, las . . .
Oh, me, oh, my.
My son and I have been on a little driving trip through Mexico. Our last and longest stay was here in San Miguel de Allende, northwest of Mexico City. It's a beautiful Spanish colonial city that still looks much as it did a few centuries ago.
But with more parking problems.
I have dabbled with Spanish as a pastime for the last few years. And I've dreamed of spending a month in Mexico some day, trying the immersion method of language study.
I've had the same dream for Corey. He's got an ear for languages. And I've been telling him what a tremendous career advantage a little Spanish would be.
So we've been here for one week, sort of testing the waters.
You can't really call it immersion. More like a good Methodist sprinkling.
A welcoming family
The real highlight of the week has been staying in the home of a Mexican family. That has given us lots of opportunities to maim and mangle Spanish - and eat new foods.
Cactus is tastier than I thought.
You can imagine that we were a little nervous about living in someone else's home for a week. But the Lopez Flores family has made us part of their own.
Within an hour, Corey was playing a game with some of the kids and I was standing on a chair to change a light bulb. (Because I was mas alto .)
Ernesto is the dad. He's an engineer for a government water system. And he has this wonderful smile and will talk patiently with you for hours, no matter how horrible your Spanish.
Marina is the mom. She's an incredible ball of energy, constantly cooking, cleaning, laughing and chirping endearments. She goes like a house afire ( casa en fuego ?) from morning till night.
And then there are the four kids, the 14 pet birds and the ever-changing cast of visitors and houseguests. Yet for all this fun, a nice room and three great meals a day, we paid just $30 a night.
Life in the classroom
Like a couple of first-graders, Corey and I left the house each morning and walked the few blocks to Instituto Habla Hispana. On our first morning, they interviewed each of us in Spanish to decide which class we should attend.
James Roddy is a flat-talking old boy from Electra, Texas, who decided to study Spanish because he has business in Peru. He came out of the interview proclaiming, "I done been expelled."
Corey took to him immediately, and they have had big fun in the beginners' class. And I've enjoyed James' company in the afternoons over cervezas in the sidewalk cafe on the town plaza.
Through some gross error in judgment, I got put in the advanced class. Among the fellow students showing me up each day is a good Grand Prairie boy, A&M senior Steve Bearden.
You know, we throw around that phrase "sink or swim" pretty casually. But I can tell you, it stinks to sink.
Actually, I've learned a lot in only a week. And Corey has confirmed that he likes Mexico a whole lot more than he likes Spanish.
It's strange, but as our trip comes to an end, I feel like both a famous general and a girl from Kansas - dubbed in Spanish.
He de regresar, pero no hay como mi casa.
I shall return. . . . But there's no place like home.

Experience culture, language of Mexico

by Jody Reed. Published 03-01-2000

If your destination plans include truly learning to speak Spanish, you might consider the Instituto Habla Hispana.
With the global economy, more travelers are finding that an additional language is both helpful and necessary.
Whether it's for business or the pleasure of learning, you might want to try a great escape that gives you both the experience of the culture and the language itself.
The institute is in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Aabout three hours from Mexico City, the Instituto Habla Hispana offers aunique twist:
You live with a Mexican family while studying.
The school matches suitable Mexican homes with students.
While the curriculum is flexible, most students stay one month. The Spanish classes are a mixed bai of dialogue, informal conversation, grammar and written drills.
There is a cultural exposure with discussions about the antiquities and Mexican pyramids, Mayans and con quistadors.
There are also Spanish classes in music, singing and cooking.
It's a total immersion program with many subjects and patient instruction.
The institute features various levels of instruction and places you in the right class for your ability.
The language school holiday is a hybrid of learning the culture and history, as well as picking up Spanish through the immersion tecnique.
At home you're part of the family, while at school you are taught all the basics in a classroom atmosphere of discipline combined with humor.
If the level you're assigned to is too dificult, you'll be reassigned to meet your needs to learn.
While effective the atmosphere is relaxed.
The school also provide extra outings to nearby colonial cities,markets and natural springs.
Your basic such as laundry and medical are the only extras.
The school has attracted students from around the world, with diverse backgrouds such as businesspeople, teachers, diplomats, farmers and pilots.
The overall cost is about $900 a month, which includes tuition, room and board.
How to go: AeroMexico has daily non-stop service to Mexico City from Dallas. The airline frequently will cater to groups with a discounted fare or tailor-made program. AeroMexico also features special seasonal discounted rates or two-week promotional stay- overs.
The institute will provide round transport from the Mexico City Airport to San Miguel de Allende.
If you're seeking to learn and be exposed to the culture, a language school holiday might be the right destination for your next great escape.

Jody Reed is a former writer at the White House and TV Consumer Reporter.
A 10-year veteran travel writer.

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